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Norway’s most likable piano trio

30 mai

Heralded not as one of Norway’s good piano trios (and there are many of them, we were told), but as Norway’s best piano trio, the superlative is back once more on the Nattjazz stage. It’s first of all a pleasure watching Helge Lien, Frode Berg and Knut Aalefjær perform on stage, how they grin into themselves, how they smile to each other enlivening the music, their performance and enchanting their audience. Playing not introverted and meditative as a Maria Kannegaard (Trio), but in the here and now, down to earth, which makes their music very accessible and them very likable.

Next to performing some songs from their award winning release Hello Troll, they introduce some newly written music especially for Nattjazz. They create a tension in the audience I haven’t experienced in Sardinen before. There is hardly any whispering going on, even the quietest sound echoing from their instruments is audible and when the song ends there is this short pause of amazement before people start clapping. And even as more and more people come to listen to Helge Lien Trio the tension is kept until the very last song.

It is not only Norway’s best piano trio performing music you can loose yourself in, but also Norway’s most likable.